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Ish's Models

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Ish's Models

Yo , Im Ishimaru but you can call me ish, so yeah ill be making 3D models that you will encounter during your gameplay. enjoy Very Happy


= Ish's Models =

Update .1 Ish's Models

Note: All of them are not textured yet, im currently learning to texture them so that they will look better than it looked now.


CArson 2014
Concept no.04
Concept no.11
Concept no.12
Concept no.13
Hammer no.01
Hammer no.02
Mace no.01
Sword no.01
Sword no.02
Sword no.03
Sword no.05
Sword no.10
Sword no.11
Sword no.15
Sword no.23
Sword no.24
Sword no.27
Sword no.28


Update .2 Ish's Models


Axe no.01
CArson 2014 no.02
Mace no.02
Spear no.01
Spear no.02
Sword no.12


Update .3 Ish's models


Axe no.02
Hammer no.03
Shield no.01
SWord no.01
Sword no.29
Sword no.30


Update .4 Ish's Models


Axe no.03
Axe no.04
Axe no.05
Hammer no.04
Neon Dragon's Hammer
Shield no.02
Sword no.31
Sword no.32
Sword no.33
Sword no.34
Sword no.35


Update .5 Ish's Models

( 04-03-14 )

Sword no.37
Sword no.38
Sword no.39
Scythe no.01
Sword no.40
Sword no.41
Sword no.42
Sword no.43
Sword no.44
Sword no.45
SWord no.46
Scythe no.02
Axe no.05
Axe no.06
Axe no.07
Axe no.08
Sword no.47
Rapier no.01
Sword no.48
Sword no.49
Rapier no.02
Sword no.50
Sword no.51
Sword no.52


Update .6 Ish's Models

(03-31-13)-Minor Update

Neon Dragon Slayer Hammer (Hammer no.05) - Renamed
Neon Dragon Slayer Sword (Sword no.24) - Renamed

( 04-07-14 )

Anneal Blade
Neon Dragon Slayer Long Sword
Sword no.53
Sword no.54
Sword no.55
Sword no.56
Sword no.57
Sword no.58
Sword no.59
Sword no.60
Sword no.61
Sword no.62
Sword no.63
Sword no.64
Sword no.65
Sword no.66
Sword no.67
Sword no.68
Sword no.69
SWord no.70
Sword no.71
Dagger no.01
Dagger no.02
Dagger no.03
Dagger no.04
Spear no.03


Update .7 Ish's Models

Sword no.72
Sword no.73
Sword no.74
Sword no.75
SWord no.76
Sword no.77
Sword no.78
Sword no.79
Sword no.80
Sword no.81
Sword no.82
Sword no.84
Shield no.03
Neon Dragon Slayer Ring
Ring no.01
HW no.01
Scythe no.03
Spear no.04


Update .8 Ish Models

( Future )


Carson 2014:
Concept no.04:
Concept no.09:
Concept no.11:
Concept no.12:
Sword no.13:
Sword no.01:
Sword no.02:
Sword no.03:
Sword no.05:
Sword no.10:
Concept no.11:
Sword no.11:
Sword no.18:
SWord no.23:
Sword no.24:
Sword no.27:
Sword no.28:

Concept no.03:
Carson 2014 no.02:
Mace no.01:
Spear no.01:
Spear no.02:
Sword no.12:


Axe no.02:
Hammer no.03:
Shield no.01:
Sword no.29:
Sword no.30:


Axe no.03:
Axe no.04:
Axe no.05:
Hammer no.04:
Hammer no.05:
Shield no.02:
Sword no.31:
Sword no.32:
Sword no.33:
Sword no.34:
Sword no.35:


Axe no.06:
Axe no.07:
Axe no.08:
Axe no.09:
Rapier no.01:
Rapier no.02:
Scythe no.01:
Scythe no.02:
Sword no.37:
Sword no.38:
Sword no.39:
Sword no.40:
Sword no.41:
Sword no.42:
Sword no.43:
Sword no.44:
Sword no.45:
Sword no.46:
Sword no.47:
SWord no.48:
Sword no.49:
Sword no.50:
Sword no.51:
Sword no.52:


Anneal Blade:
Neon Dragon SLayer Long Sword:
Dagger no.01:
Dagger no.02:
Dagger no.03:
Dagger no.04:
Spear no.03:
Sword no.53:
Sword no.54:
Sword no.55:
Sword no.56:
Sword no.57:
Sword no.58:
Sword no.59:
Sword no.60:
Sword no.61:
Sword no.62:
Sword no.63:
Sword no.64:
Sword no.65:
Sword no.66:
Sword no.67:
Sword no.68:
Sword no.69:
Sword no.70:
Sword no.71:


Sword no.72:
Sword no.73:
Sword no.74:
Sword no.75:
Sword no.76:
Sword no.77:
Sword no.78:
Sword no.79:
Sword no.80:
Sword no.81:
Sword no.82:
Sword no.83:
Sword no.84:
Shield no.03:
Spear no.04:
Scythe no.04:
HW no.01:
Neon Dragon Slayer Ring:
Ring no.01:
08-02-2014 v0.9:

Wooden Bench:
Wooden Bridge:
Wooden Table and Chair:
Table Set:
Sword Store:
Part of Japanese Shrine:
Part of japanese Shrine 2:
Castle Walls:
Armor Shop (!):
Armor Shop (2):
Crate Bonefire Vase:

Axe no.10:
Dagger no.05:
Dragon Shield:
Neon Dragon Shield:
Shield no.04:
Shield no.05:
Shield no.06:
Sword no.84:
Sword no.85:
Sword no.86:
Sword no.87:
Sword no.88:
Sword no.89:
Sword no.90:
Sword no.91:
Sword no.92:
Sword no.93:
Sword no.94:
Sword no.95:



Axe no.11:
Sword no.96:
Sword no.97:
Sword no.98:
Sword no.99:
Sword no.101:

Bottle of water:
Chairs and table no.01:
Chairs and table no.02:
River Side walk no.01:
River side Walk no.02:
Golden Treasure Chest:

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Ish's Models :: Comments

Post on Fri May 02, 2014 5:04 pm by ishkyousuke

hey owex .. is it possible for me to learn programming using tutorials out there?
 or do i need to go to a school who teaches programing ?

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Post on Thu May 01, 2014 7:44 am by Owex

Those new models looks really good, you keep improving yourself. And nice work on the textured ones.

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Post on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:19 am by ishkyousuke

= Updated =

Added Neon Dragon Slayer's Ring , 12 Swords a Scythe , a Shield , a spear , a HW and a ring

There wont be any new stuff after this update because ill be adding textures to the weapons. Ill continue after i finished all of it.

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Post on Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:50 am by Joeybbb

Yeah they are definitly improving, I can tell; so nice work! As for names, either you can name them yourself or we can come up with names later haha. Have fun on your vacation!

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Post on Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:54 am by ishkyousuke

@joeybbb ive learn the basics and im trying to improve it. And what about the names of the swords i made?

I wont be posting some updates for a week because im on a vacation . ill post an update at the end of the month.
i also need concept arts of swords.

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Post on Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:37 pm by Owex

Really great work! They all look good Wink (except for that yellow one that looks like a banana haha, but it's fine. You're doing a great job)

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Post on Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:10 am by ishkyousuke

= Updated =

Added - Anneal blade , Neon Dragon Slayer's Long sword , 4 Daggers , a spear and 19 Swords/Long Swords
- Sword no.24 - Neon Dragon Slayer's Sword
- Hammer no.05 - Neon Dragon Slayer's Hammer
Weapon Count = 91

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Post on Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:04 am by Joeybbb

Keep pumping them out, work from concepts too. Although, you don't have to be so conservative with your polys, a lot of those models are quite low poly, even for a game standpoint. Some just need a bit of smoothing or beveling, and others you could've just added more detail. Other than that they look pretty good. Have you improved on some UV mapping techniques? That would be another step forward for a 3d modelers career Very Happy

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Post on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:18 am by ishkyousuke

Thanks , Im glad you liked it. Btw How many Weapons should i make?  bounce 

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Post on Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:59 am by Owex

Wow, they all look really good! You're doing awesome work, keep it up Very Happy

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Post on Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:26 am by ishkyousuke

= Updated =
Added 8 Axes , 3 Hammers , 2 Shields , 2 Rapiers , 2 Scythes and 23 long Swords/Swords  Smile 

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Post on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:47 am by ishkyousuke

Thanks Very Happy but sadly i didn't know how to add a texture. So it doesn't have .

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Post on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:07 am by Micah

wowowowowow duuuude thats so nice!!! i love how youve made my first sword'

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Post  by Sponsored content

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