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Esvalds New Stuff

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Esvalds New Stuff

Since the original SAO did not showed us all of the monsters, items, skills and stuff I decided to extend the world of Aincrad (the main reason is my SAO novel, but maybe you can use them too). More will come soon Smile



Floor 1, Field Boss
Ruin Kobold General

4 life bars.
Weapon: Two-handed Kobold-crafted Longsword
Spawns 2 Ruin Kobold Troopers.
Apperance: Just like Ruin Kobold Troopers, but its armor is black, its size 2x, and has a long black cape.
Last Attack Bonus: Kobold-crafted Sword (one-handed)

Floor 36, Floor Boss
The Blood Skeleton

4 life bars.
Weapon: Demonic Dual-Sword of the Dead.
Apperance: A big (2x bigger than a player) skeleton covered with blood (what a surprise lol)
Rage Mode: Spawns two other Blood Skeletons, andthe players must defeat all 3.
Last Attack Bonus: Demonic Sword of the Fallen

Floor 72, Floor Boss
The Hidden Enemy

4 Life Bars.
Weapon: War-Axe of the Invisible
Apperance: Always different. The boss can disappear and re-appear using the apperance of an another player. For example if Kirito and Asunagoes there, the Hidden Enemy can use the apperance of Kirito, so Asuna will see two Kiritos. Without knowing which is real, which is the Boss, Asuna may slay the real Kirito. The boss always doing exact the same moves and attacks, what the player using against him. So if Kirito says I am the real Kirito, so the Hidden Enemy. It can copy the fighting style of the player it turns into. That makes the Hidden Enemy such a difficult Boss.
This boss does not have a rage mode.
Last Attack Bonus: Cloak of the Darkness

Floor 70, Floor Boss
The Mechanised Terror

4 Life Bars.
Weapon: Prickles. Lot of them.
Blocks everything, except its red eye-sensor, the only vulnerable point. The Boss Room is very dark, players, who have at least 700 in Night Vision, may see something. Higher the rank of the Night Vision, more the player will see.
The only Boss, that can speak.
When attacked: I am analised your tactics. You cannot win.
During fight: Your tenacity is foolish, but impressive, but I was not programmed for mercy.
Defeat: Systems failure...
Rage Mode: Spawns 2 Junk Guardians. Every time the player destroys one they do not die but duplicate. Only chance to stop them is to defeat the boss. When the Boss is gone the Guardians vanish as well.
Last Attack Bonus: Hood of Invisible Foes
After players defeated the Mechanised Terror, the room goes light.

Floor 26, Floor Boss
Green Guardian

4 life bars.
Weapon: Poisonous tentacles
Apperance: A big, octopus like creature, that has very long tentacles, which has 60% chance to poison players, causing -3000 HP over 30 seconds. Poison can be cure with Antidote.
Rage Mode: 2x Faster Attacks, 100% chance to poison
Last Attack Bonus: Ring of the Cured Patient

Hidden Bosses:
After players reached Floor 51, new monsters become avaible in Aincrad. Those are the Hidden Bosses.
All Hidden Bosses lvl 100. They always require a special action to lure them out. They are extremly powerful, and can be found all Floors. Each Floor has one Hidden Boss. That is not necessary to defeat them if the player want to complete the game. However if a player defeats a Hidden Boss, he/she gets powerful reward(s), that are very valuable and mostly can be used without any requriments.

Floor 55, Hidden Boss
Legendary Dragon of the Frostbite Hills

How to Lure Out: Go to Floor 55, the West Mountain. Find the Crystal Field (SAO Anime, Episode Seven). If you move from the crystals with 500 metres, you gonna fail. Wait in that area for 2 days(yes, 48 hours. really.).
6 Life Bars.
Apperance: A giant light-blue and white colored dragon. (10x bigger than an average player)
Snow Storm - Just like the Frost Dragon in SAO anime, Episode Seven. But way, way stronger. Causes -15.000 HP.
Death from above - The boss flies high in the air, than leaps back to the ground very fast. If the player is not in midair (jumping) that is forcing the player to the ground, causing 6000 physical damage in 10 seconds.
Freeze Breath - Unleashing its Freeze Breath, the Boss have 100% chance to freeze the player if the attack catches him/her. That causes immobility for 20 seconds.
Smash - With its wings. 8000 physical damage.
Kick - With its legs. 4000 physical damage.
Resist all Ice Damage.
Rage Mode: If the players HP is lower than 70%, catches him/her with its big head and bite him/her, instantly killing the player(s). Altough if the player(s) is lucky/strong enough he/she may slay the boss before its bite him/her.
Last Attack Bonus: Ring of the Frostbite Hills, 10.000.000 Col. Also if there is a Master Blacksmith in the party, the dragon drops Diamond Ingot 5x.

Floor 59, Dark Pyramid
The Bone Dragon Guardian

How to Lure Out: Find the Boss Room in the Dark Pyramid.
6 Life Bars.
Apperance: A skeletal dragon, with the size of the Legendary Dragon of Frostbite Hills.
Raise Elder Skeletal Slayer Guardians
Fire Breath - 100% chance to ignite for 30 seconds, causing 6000 Fire Damage.
Resist all Fire Damage.
Rage Mode: Raise 20 Elder Skeletal Slayer Guardians, fly to the top and regenerate. Not comes back until player(s) defeated the Guardians.
Last Attack Bonus: Axe of the Slayers, 10.000.000 Col, Title: The One, Who Survived the Dark Pyramid.

A player fights against The Bone Dragon Guardian

Floor 48, Lindas
Golden Goblin Guardian

How to Lure Out: Place 10x Gold Ingot to the altar of the Church in Lindas. WARNING: It is highly requried to warn the other players in the city, cause this Boss will appear inside the City.
6 Life Bars
Apperance: Looks like a Frost Atronach from Elder Scrolls Skyrim, just its gold, and 5x bigger than a player.
Uses strong meele attacks.
Rage Mode: 2x damage
Last Attack Bonus: 100x Gold Ingot, Holy Knife

Floor 74, Quest Boss
The Death Killer
4 Life Bars
Apperance: Like Kayabas Game Master avatar, just its full black. You can never see the face of the boss.
Uses two katanas, the attack is strong, and the defense is incredible. To kill a geared lvl 70 player, he must strike 4 clear hits.
Rage Mode: Weaker defense, stronger attacks.
Last Attack Bonus: None, the only reward is the completion of the ”Think You Are the Best?” quest and its rewards.

Floor 96, Floor Boss
The Guilty Spectre
5 Life Bars
Apperance: When you can see it, its a limpid ghost.
Even if attacked with a large party,its always attacking one player - while this happening, the other players cant move. Its not attacking with a weapon - but with nightmares and daydreams. The room goes dark, and the boss shows the player his/her the worst memories and fears. For example if Kirito would make that far, he would see the death of Sachi, the death of Asuna etc... To attack the boss, you must find it in the dark (glowing pearly this time) and lower its HP. If you sucsessfully done it, the nightmares and daydreams will dissappear and the party will be able to attack until an another daydream attack.
Rage Mode: This Boss do not have a rage mode.
Last Attack Bonus: Armor of the Ultimate Defender

Floor 99, Field Boss
Death's Friend, The World Devastator
5 Life Bars
Apperance: A human like colossal creature, with skull emblems in its armor. The boss is very heavily armored, concept art coming soon.
Uses a single blade, which causes 16000 pshycal DMG. Normally. Often uses heavy attack, which causes 32000 pshycal DMG. Its very strong, but due its heavy armor not very fast. Can absorp up to 6000 pshycal DMG, so its highly recomended to havemultiple players attacking it at the same time.
Rage Mode: Changes weapon to a Lance and a shield. Fast attacks with 40000 phsycal DMG.
Last Attack Bonus: Aincradian Shield

Floor 99, Floor Boss
Warlord of Aincrad, The Eliminator
6 Life Bars
Apperance: Like Kayaba Akihiko's GM avatar, just the cape is black with many spikes. Oh, and with four arms.
This Boss is very challenging. It uses many different tecniques.
6 life bars - four one handed sabers
4 life bars - two one handed sabers, a giant shield
3 life bars - two warhammers
2 life bars - two war axes
1 life bar - meele combat
Rage Mode: Destroys the pillars of the Boss Room, giving the players one minute to kill the boss, acess the next floor and move to the next floor, before the room collapses. Oh and just like any Floor Bosses, this must be killed to to open the next floor. If the room collapses and the party did not managed to kill the boss, the boss wont be destroyed. Only if someone kills it.
Last Attack Bonus: Aincradian Legend Gear

Floor 19, Floor Boss
Reddix, the Scorpion King
4 life bars
Apperance: giant scorpion, golden
As a weapon uses its two claws. 45% Chance of getting the effect "Bleed" causing -2000 HP over 20 seconds. Base DMG the boss can cause is 600-1000 HP per hit. Fast attack speed, but not very fast, like the Skull Reaper. Also watch out for burning skull tail! That has 70% chane of causing -2500 Fire DMG over 30 seconds. Also the boss has 50% chance of causing the illness "Poison of the Scorpion" , which decreases max HP -1000, attack and defense speed - 30%. Illness can be cured with medicine.
Rage Mode: Jumps to your face and attacks very fast -250 HP/sec, also you are unable to move. (like facehuggers in Alien) Due this, it is highly recommended to bring a party with you.
Last Attack Bonus: Golden Skull Helmet

Floor 56, Event Boss
The Fright Knight
Whee to Find it: Spawns at 1st of November, midinght, in the Castle of Doom. Halloween event boss.
4 Life Bars
Apperance: Player sized, human like monster. Wears a black armor, a black helmet, a dark blue glowing cape.
Weapon: A light-blue glowing sword. Normal attack speed, using two- handed sword skills. Base DMG: 4500/hit. 60% chance of causing Ice DMG, which slows you -50% for 1 min.
Rage Mode: Its sword's glowing becomes dark blue, and causes Immobility for 5 seconds with every hit.
Last Attack Bonus: Holy Knight's Confusing Potion

Floor 100, Field Boss
System Commander
Always spawn 2x at the same time.
6 Life Bars
Human, 175cm tall, with a long white cape, with a virtual keyboard ahead.
Can control players avatars. For example: Kirito and Asuna runs into the System Administrators. The Bosses will take control of Asunas avatar,  possibly forcing her to attack Kirito. Kirito must fight or he will die. But if he kills Asuna she will die, just like anyone else - Sachi, Diabel, Kuradeel...
Rage Mode: Can control up to 4 players avatars
Last Attack Bonus: Survived

Floor 100, Field Boss
System Administator
Always spawn 3x at a time
6 life bars
180cm tall, humans with NerveGears in their heads. Note: That NG cannot be looted and used to escape the game.
Can summon any creature from the Floors below. All will be lv120, even if they spawn the Kobold Lord.
Rage mode: Can spawn up to 6 creatures
Last Attack Bonus: Survive

Floor 100, Field Boss
Central Cardinal Coordinator
Its not a living creature. Its just a big computer machine.
6 life bars
Can summon Fallen Warriors - all the players who died during SAO. The players who challenge it,  will have to fight against their own fallen brothers and sisters. Forexample in the original SAO the boss would spawn Sachi, Keita, Diabel etc... The spawned ones are all lv150 with Aincradian Legend gear and weapons.
Rage Mode: N/A
Last Attack Bonus: Survive

Floor 100, Field Boss
Elder Dragon Guardian
There will be 2x. They are guarding the Thorne Room of Ruby Palace, where Heathcliff awaits.
7 Life Bars, lv160
Apperance: Big dragons,with the color of night and 3x bigger than a player
Fire Breath - Unleashing its Fire Breath, the Boss have 100% chance to ignite the player if the attack catches him/her. That causes 30000 Fire DMG over 15 seconds
Smash - With its wings. 40000 physical damage.
Kick - With its legs. 20000 physical damage.
Extra-fast attacks.
Resist all Elemental Damage.
Rage Mode: If the players HP is lower than 95%, catches him/her with its big head and bite him/her, instantly killing the player(s). Altough if the player(s) is lucky/strong enough he/she may slay the boss before its bite him/her.
Last Attack Bonus: Chance to enter the Throne Room and challenge Heathcliff,the Final Boss

The Four Headed Snake
Floor 98, Floor Boss
6 Life Bars
Apperance: When the players enter the Boss Room, the dungeon door will immediatly close. It’s not as unforgiving as the Skull Reaper because the dorr doesn’t disappear jsut close. However a mastered Lockpicking skill (1000)required to open it.  Also anti TP-Crystal area (just like any Boss Room above Floor 74).
The room is rectengular. There are 4 empty holes in the edges of the room. Both in the floor and in the ceiling. 8 total. The Boss will use those.
The Snakeheads have 6 Life Bars each induvidially.
There is a Red, a Blue, a Black and a Silver one.
Red: Fire DMG
Blue: Frost DMG
Black: Pshycal DMG
Silver: Poison DMG
They randomly rotating in the room using the holes. Sometimes only using the floor holes or only the ceiling ones in the same time. But this is not predicible. There can be 1 in the ceiling and 3 on the floor, 2 in the floor and 2 in the ceiling, etc..
Rage Mode: All 4 heads must fall in the same time (whitin 15 seconds). If players kill one and not the other 3 in 15 seconds the defeated one will reset (fully recover it's HP and cure any poisons and everything)
Last Attack Bonus: Snake Magician’s Cape
Hidden Reward - If Beast Taming lvl over 900: Phyton Pet

The Cat Nightwalker Warrior

This one randomly appear at random floor that has been unlocked after players reached Floor 50. If it appears somewhere it will stay for 7 days and than warp to somewhere else. It will spawn outdoor areas only, never in dungeons.
You can find it in a form of an ordinary cat. Green cursor, nameplate: Lost Cat.
In order to make it transform into The
Cat Nightwalker Warrior many think the cat must be taken as a pet for 3 days and at the third day’a midnight it will transform.
The cat also takes food. Some belive there is one particular food that will transform it.
How could it be?

The transformat Hidden Boss uses a shield and it’s claws. In rage mode it will abandon the shield and go berserk both its claws with extreme speed (4x speed) It will also cause Bleeding, which is is a periodic HP DMG.
The last attack bonus is based on the players highest weapon profiency skill
Nightwalker ... [Sword/Axe/Mace etc…]

Boss: Neleshell, the Beach Patroller
Floor 61, Field Boss

4 Life Bars
Weapon: Two longswords (Dual wields)
Apperance: A big turtle who guards the dungeon entrance (which is made from massive sand). When approached it won't be doing anything, but when in a range of 4m it will jump on its legs and ready its longswords. The shell blocks any DMG, so it's not advised to attack there. The boss knows that too, and it will use its shell as a shield for defense.
Last Attack Bonus: Turtle Shield

Boss: The Terror from Beyond
Floor 90, Floor Boss

5 Life Bars
Apperance: A grim reaper type monster, using a scythe. Only have 3 skills: A basic horizontal attack, a basic vertical attack, and teleportation. Sounds easy isn't it? Well it isn't. Those attacks have very wide hit detection area and if they hit, you'll be paralysed for 2 seconds, and lose 25% of your HP and Stamina. The boss's attack cannot be interrupted. As for the teleportation attack, it will vanish into the floor and reappear again using the it's vertical attack as soon as it appeared again.
Rage Mode: Potions and crystals consumed by the players will take effect on the boss. Also it'll gain a power boost: Attacks will now cause the loss of half of your life and stamina.
Last Attack Bonus: Amulet of Death, Hellbringer (Scythe)



Hunter of the Hunters - Floor 1, Tolbana
Kill the Great White Beastin the fields of Floor 1. The Great White Beast is a Strong mob, however 2 players can easyly defeat it. Its like a giant white wolf.
Rewards: 5000 Col, Hunters Blessed Sword

Kobold Slaughter - Floor 1, Tolbana
Enter the Labyrinth of Floor 1, and eliminate 50 Ruin Kobold Troopers.
Rewards: Title: Kobold Slayer, 8000 Col, The Kobold Butcher (One-Handed Axe)

Underwater Terror - Floor 50, Algade
Go to the Southern Self, and go under the Lake of Terror. Find Aeriel, the Cursed and defeat her, and her minions. Aerial, the Cursed is a mermaid, summons Dark Octopus Slayers, which are using 8 swords.
Rewards: You can now breathe underwater, 90.000 Col

Where Did You Learn to Fly? - Floor 3
Go to the Misty Forest and hunt down 20 Bloodwings.
Rewards: 4000 Col, 2 HP Potion, 1 Teleport Crystal

Murderous Feelings - Floor 48, Lindas
The NPC tells you, someone might want to hunt him down. You have to follow her, going to the church tower first. Than the NPC tells you, to go down to the Church Tower Dungeon. Clear the dungeon (which is full of goblins) and interrogate, but do not kill the NPC you found there. Go back to the quest-giver NPC, to the church. You will find out, she dissappeared. You have to find her. If your Tracking skill is high enough, you can see herfootsteps, following them leads you to her. Otherwise you have to ask NPCs in the city, selecting the ”Did you see [The name of the Quest-giver NPC]?” Bothways lead you to a dungeon, near the citys edge. Again, you have to fight against goblins. This time there will be some, which causes poison damage. After you defeated them, you will see another NPC, killing the Quest-giver NPC. Kill him. Wait one day. The Quest-giver NPC sent you to a Gift Box. Open it, and claim your reward.
Rewards: 100.000 Col, Title: The Revenger, 30 Teleport Crystal, 20 Healing Crystal, 10 Repair Hammer, Unidentified Key

Murderous Feelings, Part II - Floor 48, Lindas
After you found out whats the key for, use it. Than find the secret dungeon. Defeat the Wasted Warriors. (WARNING: THe enemy, Wasted Warrior is lvl 60, you might find them difficult to defeat) Than find your way to open the last room (you have to heat the door somehow). Inside you will find a strong mob, Sabatus, the Real Murderer (skeletal-type monster). Defeat Sabatus, and open the Treasure Chest.
Rewards: 100.000 Col, the items you found in the Treasure Chest.

Hot and Cold - Floor 55, The Mountain Pass
While exploring the West Mountains, you can find a Frozen Corpse. That is the Quest-giver.
Collect 10 Crystallite Ingot, and set them on fire. Watch the results. (the crystals will exlpode and causes 6000 fire damage to you )
Reward: 10.000 Col, 6000 Fire Damage

Think you are the Best? - Floor 74, Kamdet
Before you start this quest, the NPC asks you that ”Are you sure you are ready to start, because there is no way back, and your enemies will be strong, and there will be a huge amount of them
After you acquired the quest, it will instantly teleport you and your party to a room, size of the Boss Room. The enemies comes in 5 waves. Each wave contain more and stronger enemies.
Allenemies are lvl 74 in this quest.
Wave 1 - Finish this quickly - 100 Lizardmen Lords, 70 Goblins, 40 Poisonous Vomipotis
Wave 2 - Continue the Fight - 180 Lizardmen Lords, 100 Goblins, 50 Poisonous Vomipotis, 20 Death Defenders
Wave 3 - You still alive? - 220 Lizardmen Lords, 130 Goblins, 70 Poisonous Vomipotis, 40 Death Defenders, 30 Dark Saviors
Wave 4 - Someone Kill Them Already - 260 Lizardmen Lords, 160 Goblins, 100 Poisonous Vompipotis, 80 Death Defenders, 50 Dark Saviors, 20 Blood Eathers
Wave 5 - Time to End This - 300 Lizardmen Lords, 200 Goblins, 150 Poisonous Vomipotis, 100 Death Defenders, 100 Dark Saviors, 50 Blood Eaters, 5 Dominators
Boss Wave - The Death Killer - 4 Life Bars, just like any Boss in SAO.
Reward: 5.000.000 Col, 100 Healing Crystal, Title: The Ultimate Survivor, Legendary Weapon according to your skill (so if you are a One-Handed Swordsman, you gonna get a Legendary One-Handed Sword. If you are a Battle Axe Wielder, you gonna geta Legendary Battle Axe. The game scan your sword skills, and decides which is the highest.)
Note: At one time, there are no more than 40 enemies in the arena. So dont worry, yu wont face thousands of mobs at one time, they just gonna coming, until you defeated them all (or until you and yourparty is dead.) Teleport Crystals cannot be used in the Arena.

Chronichles of a Vampire Hunter - Floor 69/Secret Area: Amity Park
Clue #1
One of our villagers went missing. We found his body in the forest. Strange thing is, it seems like somebody sucked out his blood. The villagers started whispering about vampires. I really hope they are mistaken.

Clue #2
More and more people missing from the village. Everyone is so scared and frightened, they do not want to leave their houses. I, however planning to patrol at night, hopefully catch the murderer(s).
Another strange thing is the nights are becoming longer. But it's summer, the days should be the longer. Something bad, something evil is happening, I can feel it.

Clue #3
I managed to find the killer, and I cut his thorat. The villagers were right. Vampire. Alongside with the warriors of the Royal Castle we are now tracking clues about where the vampire came from, eventually we will find out if there are more. And if there are, we will kill them.

Clue #4
They found out. They know we are looking for them. So they transformed the prisoners of the Royal Castle into vampires, who managed to break out. We hid in the forest. They are everywhere.

Clue #5
Maybe the vampires done some kind of ritual. At least thats the most likely scenario. The sun does not rise anymore. Night forever. We lost two men, but we managed to get back to the village. Only things we found were vampires. Lots of them, We withdrawed.

Clue #6
We returned to the forest. I became the leader of the Resistence. We only have twelve men. Still tring to find a safe spot.

Clue #7
We found an ancient mansion. It was the source of the corruption. If we can destroy the monsters inside, maybe the other beasts will fall. Or transform back to their real human form.

Clue #8
Only three of us remains, but we managed to reach the final room. It will be a difficult battle, but I hve faith we can prevail.

Note: This clues could be find at the secret areas of Floor 69.

After you collected all, a quest indicator will appear in your map. It will lead you to a lone island on Floor 69's Deep Sea. Place

the completed diary at the altar. It will teleport you and your party to Amity Park.
Note: All party members must stay on this island.
WARNING: You cannot go back to Aincrad's Floors before finishing the questline.

Objecttive: Find out what's happening here
You have to go to Phantom Works Blacksmith Shop. Lora will fill you with he details.
Lora: You don't look like a vampire. We haven' seen a human since ages. How did you find this place? Oh wait, thats not important. Do you think you can survive in the cursed world of ours? Kill a vampire, and bring his teeth. Than we can talk.

Objective: Obtain a <<Vampire Teeth>>
Defeating single vampires should give you this in no time, since this item has a high drop chance. When you have it head back to Lora.
Lora: You look like capable enough. Very well, I can answer if you have any questions.

Q1: What is this place?
Q2: Why are the vampires here?
Q3: Where are the people?
Q4: What's our next move?

A1: Amity Park, a small village, thats used to be a large farmland. Now it's only the home of the vampires.
A2: I don't know. My great-grandmother was the leader of the Human Resistence. She ventured deeper in their realms than everyone else. If someone, she would be able the answer, if she would still alive.
A3: Dead, long time ago. Now it's just me and the vampires.
A4: We have to show them we are a force to recognize with. Here, take this to the Sacred Tree, and show no mercy!

Objective: Take the amulet to the Sacred Tree, and defeat the monsters. About 45 vampires will attack in 5 waves, than a Vampire Lord will appear. If you done, head back to Lora.
Lora: That was clearly amazing fight! Take this for your efforts.
<<Obtained Ultimate HP&Stamina Potion 10x>>
Seeing how amazing you were, I think it's time to drive them out from the village!

Objective: Clear the Deserted Houses (6x)
Do not forget to check everything in the houses, valuable high-lvl items can be found. Also arriving at the last 2, the chance of running into a Vampire King or Vampire Lord will highly increase.
Chance of running into a Vampire Lord/King
1st - 4%
2nd - 8%
3rd - 16%
4th - 24%
5th . 48%
6th - 96%
If you done, return to Lora.

- Remember: Fire-type weapons are especially good against vampires.
- You can clear the houses in any order.

Lora: Spectecular! The village is safe again, thanks to your efforts. Please take this:
<<Obtained Ultimate HP&Stamina Potion 20x>>
<<Vampire Blood Sword>>
Let's not stop here! Go to the forest and defeat those Wandering Prison Ghost!

Objective: Defeat 20 Wandering Prison Ghost
Using the Vampire Blood Sword is an easy way for swordsman, but don't forget to keep your eye on your HP bar. When you done a differnt ghost will appear.

Objective: Follow the Mysterious Ghost
That will lead you to a graveyard to the grave of Alyssa.
"The woman, who tried everything to stop the plague. You will be remembered" - You can read this in the gravestone.
After this the quest indicator will disappear from your map.
You have to go back to the village to continue the questline. When you enter, you will meet  a Boss: Alyssa, the Buried Hero.

When she will see you, she will immediatly start attacking.

Objective: Whitstand Alyssa's attack for 30 seconds (for further informations about the Boss check the Bosses section)

If you manage, she will stop attacking.
Alyssa: You are not a vampire, aren't you? Why are you here?
A1: I'm here to end the vampire plague.
A2: Why did you attacked me?
A3: To kill everything, including you (Attack)

A1:  Where were you when was needed? We were suffering and we all died! (Shouting)
A2: Because you are an outlander.
A3: <<Alyssa becomes red, and you have to kill her>>

Player: It's not my fault!
Alyssa: Doesn't matter. You live on, while we are dead.
Player: I'm sorry for your loss.
Alyssa: Should I thank you? Thats not help a bit.
A1: I want to help.
A2: I don't want to help. Only thing I care about is money.
A3: I just want to get out here.
A1: Oh really? Prove it! Defeat a Vampire Lord, and bring me it's heart!
A2: Than you are worth less than a vampire <<She attacks you and you have to kill her>>
A3: Too bad you are stuck here.

The following article will follow the path if the player chose to be an ally with Alyssa.

It' gonna be rough. Vampire Heart has low drop rate only with Vampire Lord and Vampire King. If you have it, the quest indicator will disappear. Next time you <<Rest>> Alyssa will appear next to you.
Alyssa: Well done! I'm impessed, and that means something. If you really want to help wait for my response.

After a day:
Objective: Meet up with Alyssa under the Sacred Tree.
Alyssa: Are you ready to take them down?
A1: Yes.
A2: No.
A1: Let's go!
A2: Than why did you come here? You said you want to help...

Objective: Clear the Ritual Chamber
You will now party with Alyssa to clear the Ritual Chambers. She is powerful, so it could be an easier run. Be careful though, there will be a lot of Vampire Lords and Vampire Kings, and if they attacks you that will be hard, since there will be more than one of them at the same time. It's gonna be a long run, so stuck up with HP and Stamina potions. Boss will be a Vampire Overlord. If you done, Alyssa will speak you.
Alyssa: Seems like you are not just worthy, but very strong. With you at my side, I can finish, what I failed long time ago. Together, we can do this! Wait for my answer.

After a day:
Alyssa will wait for you at the Deserted Mansion, a quest indicator will point you at the way. On your way be careful with the Wandering Prison Ghost.

Objective: Reach the Burial Chamber
It is the final dungeon, so be prepared (fire-type weapon advised) The Deserted Mansion has a lot of rooms and 12 floors. Of course filled with multiply Vampire Lords and Kings. When you finally found the Boss Room, enter with Alyssa.
Vlad: Ah, you again? You got to be kidding me...
Alyssa: You will not survive this time, monster!

Objective: Defeat Vlad, the Vampire Nemesis
Alyssa will help you, but it will be very tough (for further informations about the Boss check the Bosses section)
If you managed to defeat him, you are almost done.
Vlad: This cannot be happening! I cannot be defeated!
Alyssa: Let me finish this! Please!
A1: No! It's my right to finish! --> Kill Vlad -->Diamond Ingot 15x, Ring of the Vampire Nemesis, Vampire Blade of Elemental Power, 325.000 Col
A2: So be it. Go ahead! --> Alyssa kills Vlad --> Diamond Ingot 15x, Ring of the Buried Hero, Expeditious Hero Sword, 650.000 Col
A1: -Disappears without a word-
A2: Thank you. This means a lot for me. Thank you my friend. For everything. I will never forget you. Farewell. - Disappears-
Dracula: -Appears- He was always a spike in my eye. I thank you for ending his miserable little life -laughs evily and disappears-

Congratulations!! You succsessfully completed the questline and now can go back to Aincrad's Floors

The following article will follow the path if the player chose to be hostile with Alyssa.

After defeating Alyssa you and your party on your own.

A day later:
Objective: Meet up with Lora
When you find her, she will be dead, her blood sucked out.
Check her body. You will find  note.
"We broke the Seal. Killed everyone. Returned to the Chamber."

Objective: Clear the Ritual Chamber
Prepare yourself. This will be increadibly difficult. There will be a lot of Vampire Lords and Vampire Kings, they will attack you that will be hard, since there will be more than one of them at the same time. It's gonna be a long run, so stuck up with HP and Stamina potions. Boss will be a Vampire Overlord. It will drop an item: Orders from Vlad. "Kill the outlander and return to the Mansion!"

Objective: Find the Deserted Mansion
You and your party on your own. Find it. Be careful with the Wandering Prison Ghost

Objective: Reach the Burial Chamber
It is the final dungeon, so be prepared (fire-type weapon advised) The Deserted Mansion has a lot of rooms and 12 floors. Of course filled with multiply Vampire Lords and Kings. When you finally found the Boss Room, enter.
Vlad: So you are the outlander, who killed my minions. Prepare to die!

Objective: Defeat Vlad, the Vampire Nemesis
Even more tough this way, without the help of Alyssa. Full party advised. (for further informations about the Boss check the Bosses section)
Rewards: Diamond Ingot 15x, Ring of the Vampire Nemesis, Vampire Blade of Elemental Power
After the death of Vlad Dracula appears.
Dracula: He was always a spike in my eye. I thank you for ending his miserable little life -laughs evily and disappears-

Congratulations!! You succsessfully completed the questline and now can go back to Aincrad's Floors

Side Quest: Up to the Castle!
After you cleared the Deserted Houses Lora will ask you to clear the Royal Castle. Vampire Overlord will be the Boss.
Rewards: 50.000 Col, Vampiricslayer

Aid of the Deep Core Valley - Floor 2

To start this quest you must find a certain tree in Floor 2. You will have to cut a lot of grass, which is mostly higher than you  (1.8-2.2 m). In the grass there will be a lot of <<Wind Wasp>>s. After you done with the cutting you will find a tree which is glowing white. this starts the quest. (
<<Objective: Find a way to cure the tree >>
Since the quest does not give you any details where to go this is quite hard to figure out. You will have to go to Floor 2's Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Mountain tops. there will be same viaducts as seen in the original tree. Inside there will be the required item <<Medicine Flower >> (non-tradable). If you have all 4, you now have to mix them which requires Alchemy skill.
Note: Anyone can make the potion if you ask them and they accept it. the one who makes the potion aren't required to have the quest.
<< Objective: Bring the potion to the tree>>
If you done a Quest Boss will appear <<The Glowing Worm>>. Defeat it and the tree will stop glowig and becoes a normal tree. a passage will open in the field. You will find yourself in the beautiful sight of the Deep Core Valley.
<<Objective: Heal the Deep Core Valley>>
You will also acquire a quest item which can be used to heal trees. You will have to find 6 more glowing trees and apply the potion to them. the map won't show where are they, but the quest log will inform you how many left. If you done, go to the northest part to the largest tree which is still glowing and defeat the Quest Boss <<The Poisonbringer>>
Defeat it and you done withe the quest.
Rewards: 9.800 Col, 5 Weak HP Potion, Naturecurer Armor

In the Deep Core Valley there are various chest , which can convain the following items:
- Lighc Defense Shield - 2%
- Naturecurer Boots - 5%
- Naturecurer Gauntlets - 5%
- Weak HP Potion - 11%
- Long Cape - 30%
- ING: Deep Core Flower - 39%
- ING: Leaves - 90%
- ING: Bark - 90%
- ING: Fethers - 90%
- Col: 5-75

Invaiders of the Ancient Temple

In the deserts of Floor 21 you can find <<Suspicious Rock>> at a pyramid/zikkurat type stone building. That starts the quest. You have to move away the stone to discover the dungeon entrace. In the dungeon there are only trap rooms and empty rooms.
Note: when the trap activates all doors close.

Spike room type 1: There will be spikes coming down with ceiling. You will be 60 seconds before they reach (and kill) you.
Survive method 1: The spikes themselves and the ceiling itself are destructable. If you can cut yourself through the ceiling and the spikes you survive.
Survive method 2: One stone block in the floor is destructable. If you can destroy it you can escape through it before the spikes hit you.

Spike room type 2: This time spikes will come from the left and right. Again you have 60 seconds before they reach (and kill) you.
Survive method 1: The door (which closed) sometimes destructable but not always.  Destructable will show a life bar when attacked. Indestructable will show <<Immortal Object>> message when attacked.
Survive method 2: The spikes themselves and the walls itself are destructable. If you can cut yourself through the walls and the spikes you survive.

Spike room type 3: In this type of room the spikes will come back and forth from the wall (so they appear, disappear, appear, disappear...) Timing is the key here: you must use the spikes to climb up to a trapdoor in the ceiling, but be careful! You can easily get knocked out from the spikes if your timing is not right. And that causes serious falling damage.

Poison Room type 1: In this type of room poisonous flowers will appear and immediatly start filling the room with poisonous gas. This will cause:
After apperation:  50 Poison DMG/sec
After 30 sec  100Poison DMG/sec
After 1 min:  150 Poison DMG/sec
After 1 min 30 sec:  200 Poison DMG/sec
Just destroy the flowers and run to the exit.

Posion room type 2: In this type of room poison will slowly fill the room with the same method as mentioned in type 1. You have to find the destructable stone which looks like any other stone but when attacked show a life bar instead of <<Immortal Object>>. Destroy it and run to the exit.

Garagoyle room type 1: The room will spawn 10 Garagoyle Warriors and a Garagoyle Tribe Leader. The Warriors keeps respawning until the Trible Leader is defeated which looks like any other Warrior. Only its stats are different and the nameplate above its head. Kill it, clear the remaining Warriors and you are good to go.

Garagoyle room type 2: The room will spawn 10 Garagoyle Tribe Leaders and a Garagoyle Battlemaster. Again the Battlemaster looks like any other Tribe Leader (and Warrior as well but no Warriors in this type of room). Until the Battlemaster is defeated the Trible Leaders are <<Immortal Object>>, and they will attack you. Kill the Battlemaster and they will lose their Immortanity. Defeat them and you done with the room.

Garagoyle room type 3: The room will spawn 10 Garagoyle Warrior/ 6 Trible Leader/ 3 Battlemaster and 2 Garagoyle Totem. The totems have 3 meter range. Any Garagoyle inside their range is <<Immortal Object>>.You can either lure them outside the totems’ circles or destroy the totems themselves (they take several hits). When the last Garagoyle falls you can advance to the next room.

Teleport Crystals are useable in the dungeon but not in the room while they are closed. The building itself is 4 Floor high.
Boss room: The door’s size is 2x than a normal door in the dungeon. Inside there are a lot of jewerly, gold, silver and other expensive goods.
Note: Those are currently not lootable.
You will see a sarcophagus in the northest part of the room. A staircase will lead up to that place. Climb it and open the sarcophagus. A Pharaoh Ghost will appear.
Pharaoh Ghost: More thieves who seek my goods. You will die by my hand!
A1:Bring it on! (Way 1)
A2: No, I am not here to rob you.

Pharaoh Ghost: If you not, than you can help me destroy those who stole from me.
A1: Sure, but what’s in for me?
A2: I’d rather not get involved. Leave me alone! (Way 3)

Pharaoh Ghost for A1: You can keep the goods you acquire from them.
Pharaoh Ghost for A2: Very well. If you leave this place immediatly we can forget we ever met.

A1 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A1: All right. I’ll help you. (Way 2)
A2 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A1: No deal! I am not your mercenary! (Way 3)
A3 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A1: I think I’ll just kill you instead! (Way1)

A1 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A2: All right. I’ll go quietly. (Way3)
A2 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A2: I will leave after I killed you! (Way 1)
A3 for Pharaoh Ghost’s A2: I changed my mind. I’d like to help you (Way 2)

Way 1: Defeating the Pharaoh Ghost
The Pharaoh Ghost is a Quest Boss but a stong one. Uses a two-handed sword the Ghostblade. Resists all Ice-type attacks. Apart from resisting it also restores its HP. (So if you deal 786 Ice DMG to it, it will restore 786 HP) Vulnerable to Lighting DMG.
When you defeated it the goods become lootable.
You can find:
Ancient Pharaoh Sword/Greatsword/Mace/Axe (random just one)
56.000 Col (for the completion)
Gold Necklace
Possible skills: 12-18% Cold Resistence
+21-19 Max attack
2 Silver Necklace
Possible skills: 6-12% Cold Resistence
+9-18 Min Attack
Gold Ring
Possible skills: +300-450 HP
+120-180 Stamina
2 Silver Rings:
Possible skill: -8-13% Price at NPC Shops
The gold pieces can be picked (the whole woom is filled with those) Those weigh 0.01. There are 400-600 pieces in total. With the Refining skill you can make Gold Ingots out of them. 100 Gold Piece 1 Gold Ingot. There are some decorative gems as well:
- Garnet 4x
- Sapphire 2x
- Emerald
- Diamond (This cannot be used to make Diamond Ingot)
The back of the room will reveal itself and you will find a Teleport Device. That brings you back to the main town.

Way 2: Helping the Pharaoh Ghost
A new quest indicator will appear after you left through the Teleport Device. This will lead you to an oasis in the desert where the bandit thieves are. They will attack you as soon as they spotted you.
Enemy types:
-Bandit Thief
-Bandit Pickpocket
-Bandit Outlaw
Total: 24, random types with random weapon types
If you carrying col with yourself watch out! Thief and Pickpocket has a skill to steal from you (35% of your total col)- They will dig it to the sand and if they manage to do it before you kill them the money is forever gone. But if you kill them before they dig it, you will get all your money back.
After you dealt with all of them the Bandit Leader will appear.
You slaughtered all my men, now you die you BASTARD!
He is a Quest Boss but significally weaker then than the Pharaoh Ghost. He uses a two handed axe.
If you defeated him the quest is finished.
Bandits drop/mob :
120-150 Col
Garnet - 18%
Sapphire – 7%
Bandit Leader drops(Quest rewards):
- Ancient Golden Crown: - possible skill: Max HP 10-15%
- Gold Pieces: 150-400
- Garnet: 60%
- Sapphire: 40%
- Emerald: 20%
- Diamond: 1%
- 70.000 Col

Way 3: Not Getting Involved
If you refuse to help the Pharaoh Ghost, but you dont want to attack him either, than run through the Teleport Device, returning to the down finishes the quest with no rewards at all. (besides XP)

The Lost Library

In the main city of Floor 19, The Longa Oasis you will find an NPC reading a book. His name is Baoldor. There will be a quest symbol above his head, letting know the players he’s a quest-giver.If you accept it, he will turn to the player, his face happy.
-You! You can help me exploring the Lost Library! Let’s hurry, come on, follow me!
He will lead you to the Great Desert, to a tower that sank in the desert. There will be a strong mob after you climbed in, Guardian of Knowledge. While you inside the Library watch the HP of Baoldor! He’s weak in combat and dies easily.  The mobs are not strong, but they will mainly target the NPC and if he dies the mission fails.
There will be a lot of rooms, mobs spawned randomly, not predictible in the corridors. 100% they will spawn when Baoldor opens books and starts reading. When this happens you have to protect him until he finishes it. You can tell him to hurry up, but this will interfere with the end rewards. After countless rooms the Boss Room will come. The Boss is The Soul of Library. It will not target Baoldor, he will hide outside, so the Boss won’t even be able to target him.
The end rewards are depends on the mood of Baoldor:
- Happy: 70000 Col, Skill Book - +50 for the selected skill
- Fine: 50000 Col, Skill Book - + 20 fot the selected skill
- Unhappy: 10000 Col – Ruined Skill Book – has no use/junk item
Baoldor quotes:
If hurried:
- Alright, alright…
- I’m not done yet!
- I have to read the whole book!
- Science need time! It cannot be hurried!
- You ruin everything!
- We can’t go yet!

If done reading:
- I’m done, let’s go!
- To the next!
- Done and done.
- No more here.
- OK, we can go to the next!
- Next location!
- We can go.

End quotes:
- Happy: Excellent work! I got everything I need. Here’s your reward for your hard work!
- Fine: Not bad. I got a lot of things that will be a big help for my projects. Altough it could have been better. But I think you deserve a reward.
- Unhappy: You ruined everything! It was a complete waste of time! Take this and get out of here!
If Baoldor dies, the quest will fail and unlike other quests you cannot try it again. Unless you join to someone else’s party.

Uncovering More Secrets

You will get a message after you finished The Lost Library and reached Floor 70.
„Can you help me again? I found more secrets, but more dangers too”
You can accept or refuse it. If you refuse it it won’t be avaible again. However if you want to complete it later just leave the message in the message log, it won’t expire.
If you accept, the quest indicator will lead you to a colossal ruined ancient machine. Baoldor will wait you at the entrance.
- Thank you for coming, let’s get started right away!
This there won’t be any interruptions. like the book reading sequences in the prievous quest. There will be traps like rooms filled with gas or causeing Lighting DMG when entered. Baoldor will lead the way and he is dumb enough to walk in the traps. Still watch for his HP, cause the same rule applies as the prievous quest, for Baoldor’s life. You can heal him giving him potions and/or crystals. The goal will be the top. No enemies found just empty rooms and trap rooms.
- Thats’s it! We found it! – at the top he will excitedly run to the altar, to get the book.
At the moment he removes it a WARNING message and sound will appear. You will have 4 minutes to escape the ancient machine before it’s self-destruct.
The explosions deal fire DMG
First ones are 10 000 Fire DMG with additional 5000 burning DMG for 30 sec
Second ones are 30 000 Fire DMG with additional 15000 burning DMG for 30 sec
Third ones are 50 000 Fire DMG with additional 30000 burning DMG for 30 sec
Fourth ones are 30 000 Fire DMG with additional 15000 burning DMG for 30 sec
Fifth ones are 10 000 Fire DMG with additional 10000 burning DMG for 30 sec
So don’t be there while those happening.
- Yes, we did it, thank you, thank you – Baoldor will comment on your actions if you both survive.
You can ask him what’s this all about.
- I’ll tell you soon – he will answer.
End rewards: 125000 Col, Detector Cape (increases Stealth detection 20%)

Dynamic Events:

Codename: The Disappeared
Near Floor 2’s Mountain Top (where you can find the martial arts quest) you can find a little boy laughing at you than running away. His running speed is very high but he will stop  once in a  while.When you manage to catch up with him he will laugh at you and start running again. When you’ll reach a valley he will stop behind a large chest. Still laughing he will keep pointing at the chest.
If you open it, a lot of Disciples of Otherworld will spawn with various number of Deep Sea Abominations. Those Deep Sea Abominations will rise from the lakes nearby. Defeat the monsters and you’ll have accsess to the items in the chest. The boy will be gone like he never exsisted.


-Aerial, the Cursed
   Level : 52
Location : Lake of Terror
Item Drop List
   HP : 4000
   Att: 500
   Def: 400
   Att Speed: 1
   Level : 4
Location : Misty Forest
Item Drop List
Drop Rate : 30%
Drop Rate : 10%
   HP : 150
   Att: 10
   Def: 8
   Att Speed: 2

-Blood Dragon
   Level : 85
Location : Northern Volcano
Item Drop List
Dragon Bone
Drop Rate : 90%
Dragon Fang
Drop Rate : 30
Dragon Spikes
Drop Rate : 30%
Dragonslayer Sword
Drop Rate : 5%
   HP : 20000
   Att: 2500
   Def: 3000
   Att Speed: 2

-Blood Eather
   Level : 74
Location : Slaughter Room
Item Drop List
   HP : 2000
   Att: 250
   Def: 350
   Att Speed: 1.75

-Crystal Skeleton King, the Merciless
   Level : 111
Location : Ruby Palace
Item Drop List
Crystallyte Ingot
Drop Rate : 70%
Frozen Bone
Drop Rate : 90%
Frostbite Sword
Drop Rate : 30%
Frostbite Longsword
Drop Rate : 10%
   HP : 5000
   Att: 850
   Def: 1000
   Att Speed: 0.8

-Dark Octopus Slayer
   Level : 50
Location : Lake of Terror
Item Drop List
Water-breathing Potion
Drop Rate : 20%
Octopus Tentacle
Drop Rate : 60%
   HP : 560
   Att: 550
   Def: 400
   Att Speed: 1

-Dark Savior
   Level : 74
Location : Slaughter Room
Item Drop List
   HP : 1650
   Att: 600
   Def: 400
   Att Speed: 1

-Dark Spectre
   Level : 90-94
Location : The Dark Pyramid
Item Drop List
Fanged Knife
Drop Rate : 40%
Crystal Teeth
Drop Rate : 80%
Elemental Shield
Drop Rate : 5%
   HP : 1200
   Att: 2000, 30% Chance to deal 4000 Fire DMG
   Def: 2000
   Att Speed: 1

-Death Defender
   Level : 74
Location : The Slaughter Room
Item Drop List
   HP : 1600
   Att: 1600
   Def: 1900
   Att Speed: 1.25

   Level : 74
Location : The Slaughter Arena
Item Drop List
   HP : 1500
   Att: 1300
   Def: 2200
   Att Speed: 1.1

-Elder Skeletal Slayer Guardian
-Great White Beast
-Infected Royal Castle Guardsman
-Mysterious Beast
-Poisonous Vomipoti
-Poison Snake
-Sabatus, the Real Murderer

-Scitai Golden Deer
  Level : 15
Location : Extremly Rare in forest areas
Item Drop List
Golden Deer Meat
Golden Deer Tail
  HP : 100
  Att: 15
  Def: 10
  Att Speed: 1
Does not fight, if attacked will flee from combat.

-Skeletal Slayer
Level : 1
Location : Randomly found above Floor 60
HP : 1
Att: 0
Def: 0
Att Speed: 0
Item Drop List
No exp or items gained if killed.
This is an extremly weak monster. So weak that if a player tries to get close to it, it will kill itself. If a player is in range (5m), he will lose XP. You have to kill it, before it dies on its own (5sec).




The Dark Pyramid - Floor 59 Bonus Dungeon
Located in the exact middle in the Werewolf Forest.
Above the entrance there is a sign that says: "You, who enter here, leave all your hopes behind..."
From the top, from the left:
Bone Dragon Guardian (check the Boss section)
Mysterious Beast: You can never see its apperance, only its red eyes. Could only be find in the darkest rooms of the Pyramid, never goes to lighter places. Scared if sees light. Uses Stealth and uses its sharp teeths to attack players. That deals 2000 phsycal DMG. Fast Attack Speed.
Dark Spectre: This creature deals Fire DMG. Uses its claws to attack. 30% Chance to deal 4000 Fire DMG. Base claw attack deals 2000 physical DMG. Normal Attack Speed.
Skeletal Slayer: You gonna meet a lot of them. And you will hate them. Uses a one handed scythe and a Holy Shield. Perfect Counterattack, Strong Defense. Deals 5000 phsycal DMG. Due its strong defense and big shield, plus the perfect counterattack, its very hard to even hit this enemy. Normal Attack Speed.
Mimic: Lies in wait! Uses its teeth to attack. Deals 8000 physical DMG. Slow attack speed. Pure Defense.
The Dark Pyramid have 5 Floors. Each Floor contains less - but more powerful enemies as you advance higher and higher.
Floor 1 - Enemy lvl 90 - 20 Chest
Floor 2 - Enemy lvl 91 - 30 Chest
Floor 3 - Enemy lvl 92 - 40 Chest
Floor 4 - Enemy lvl 93 - 50 Chest
Floor 5 - Enemy lvl 94 - 60 Chest
Boss lvl is 95.
To advance higer in the Dark Pyramid, you gonna need a key. The key is located in one ofthe cest, somewhere in the Floor. But watch out, only one chest contains the key. The rest - all Mimics. You gonna need a key to unlock the Boss Door too.
Even at Daytime, the Dark Pyramid is a very dark place (what a surprise lol), its highly recommended to have at least 500 in Night Vision and bring some torches.

Enemies can be found in The Dark Pyramid

From left to right:
The Bone Dragon Guardian - Boss
Mysterious Beast
Dark Spectre
Skeletal Slayer

Amity Park - Unknown location, deep below Floor 1

- How to get there? - In Floor 69, adventuring through the Tropycal Islands, you can fragments of papers about a vampire hunter. That will autom atically start -Chronicles of a Vampire Hunter- questline. First, you have to find all the clues. Then get them  to an altar in a secret island. Offering the completed -Quest Item:Vampire Hunters Diary- will automatically teleport you to Amity Park. BEWARE: You cannot teleport out before completing the -Chronicles of a Vampire Hunter- questline.

- Landscape: Amity Park is a small village - map coming soon- with a huge forest around. If you go too far in the forest, you gonna see a WARNING system message, and a huge abyss will apearr, prevent you from going any further.
There is always dark in Amity Park.  All the trees are -dead- as like the grass, it can be very frightening. Most of the houes of the village is old and deserted, with a lot of secrets and high quality items. There is one safe spot in Amity Park: The Phantom Works Blacksmith Shop. You can trade your items and repair them here. Not much lights can be seen in Amity Park. NightVision and/or Torches are highly recommended.

- NPCs:
Alyssa, the Buried Hero
Coming soon...

- Monsters: Astral-type monsters. Lot of them, but you can never know where they will be, and when they gonna strike. Fire-type weapons such as Flaming Swords can be very useful against them, since most of those monsters avoiding the light and highly vulnerable to Fire-DMG, but highly resistence to Ice DMG. You can purchase some of them from Phantom Works Blacksmith Shop, but fire-type weapons are very expensive here.
Monster lvls, except Bosses are complete random. From 70 to 160. Yep, you gain access to this area in Floor 69, so lvl 100+ monsters could be a little tricky and though.
Monster types:
- Wandering Prison Ghost - most likely they escaped from the - Royal Castle Underground Prison - when the vampires took control of the land. They can be found in the Forest of Doom. Often using Swords/Warhammers/Battle Axes. Combat Power: 10000-22000 accoring to lvl. Loot: 6000-18000 Col according to lvl, torch, Cold Bronze Dagger, (Cold)Ancient Sword, (Cold)Ancient Battleaxe, (Cold)Ancient Warhammer
- Vampire - the most common monster here. They wont make you a vampire too, just simply kill you. Often using Claws/Daggers/Meele Combat. Combat Power: 6000-12000 accoring to lvl. Loot: 4000-14000 Col, according to lvl. Buried Ancient Greatsword, Buried Ancient Battleaxe, Buried Ancient Sword.
- Vampire Lord - a tough one. You can easily separate them from other vampires since only they have long red capes. Min lvl: 110. Using a Sword or a Greatsword. Combat Power: 25000-36000 according to lvl. Loot: 40000-70000 Col according to lvl, Flaming Sword of the Dawn, Flaming Greatsword of the Dawn, Small Diamond Ring, Gold Necklace, Gold Ring, Flawless Gold Ring
- Vampire King - a really hard one. They hve gold capes, and they are rare-to-find. Min  lvl: 125. Combat power: 50000-78000 acording to lvl. Uses a Battleaxe/Warhammer/Greatsword. Loot: 120000-210000 Col according to lvl, Flawless Diamond Elite Protector Ring/Necklace, Firestorm Battleaxe, Firestorm Greatsword, Firestorm Sword of  the Rising Sun
- More coming soon....

- Boss monsters
- Field Bosses
  - Alyssa, the Buried Hero - Once the hero Alyssa was the leader of the last human  resistence in Amity Park. She is orange, just like Leviathan, the Sea Lord in SAO:EE. Which means if attacked, she will turn red and attack back. But if not, she can be an ally too, but she is pretty arrogant and always thinks the players just never be as good en ough as she, and also blames them for not coming in time.
lvl 145
6 Life Bars
Combat Power: 300000
Apperance: Long-dark haired middle-aged woman with a beautiful face. also she is not a giant colossus boss-monster, she is a very human-like NPC/Boss.
Uses a one-handed rapier, very fast. Attack speed: 0.55 sec.
Rage Mode: Life Steal - the amount of HP she lowered from her enemy, will be added to her combat power. Example:
Alyssa succsessfully hits Eugene with Pyramid Strike.
Eugene -9600 HP
Alyssa +9600 HP
Last Attack Bonus: Expeditious Hero Sword

- Quest Boss
  - Vlad, The Vampire Nemesis
Final Boss of the Questline -Chronicles of a Vampire Hunter-.
7 Life Bars
Combat Power: 250000
lvl 150
Apperance: Dark face with bloody eyes and shrap eyetooths. Black cape + suit. Colossal
size. 6x bigger than a player. Also Vlad does not standing in the ground, but hovering above it like a ghost. Using an Elemental Sword, which deals Fire+Ice+Lighting+Poison DMG all at the same time.
Cloning: Can raise up to 4 clones, which will have the same weapons and HP just like the original one. The clones lasts for 1 minute.
Advanced Life Steal - the amount of HP he lowered from an enemy, twice will be added to his combat power. Example:
Vlad succsessfully hits Esvald with Fatal Blow.
Esvald -22000 HP
Vlad +44000 HP
Rage Mode: Coming Soon...
Last Attack Bonus: Diamond Ingot 15x, Ring of the Vampire Nemesis, Vampire Blade of Elemental Power



Whirling Weapons
Its a defensive skill. When you use it, you gonna wield your sword circulary ahead of you. It uses 10 Stamina point per second. While you doing the skill, if the enemy attacks you, he will gets the DMG, not you.

Unique Skill - [PlayerName]'s Legendary Love
So its a Unique Skill, only one person could have it. Becomes avaible after the first 6 month. Given to the couple, who was married for the longest time. If one dies from the couple, the other loses the skill too. The skill name comes from the names of the couple. For example the couple who get the skill is Kirito and Asuna, Kirito will have Asuna's Legendary Love, Asuna will have Kirito's Legendary Love. Alright, but what's this skill about?
0 - 100 - 10x DMG.
100 - 200 - 20x DMG
200 - 300 - 30x DMG
300 - 400 - 40x DMG
400 - 500 - 50x DMG
500 - 600 - 60x DMG
600 - 700 - 70x DMG
700 - 800 - 80x DMG
800 - 999 - 90x DMG
1000 (Mastered) - 100x DMG
So if your sword's base DMG is 500, first you will achive 5000 DMG during the skill. Than you keep upgrading, training the skill, you can end up with 50000 DMG at the end.
IMPORTANT: This skill last for 1 min. Cooldown: 1 hour, so use it wisely...

In my LN, more complicated how someone gets this skill. It says "To the player, who was in True Ultimate love for the longest time during the game." MHCP-001 "Yui" decided who was that player (Remember: In SAO Yui could see all the players emotions). But I think that is too difficult to program (maybe impossible), so for the SAO game I came up with a more simple version

Stealth skill. I think its obvious.

Stealth skill. I think its obvious.




One-Handed Swords:

Heart's Light in the Dark
It's an S-class rare item. Due its rarity no one really knows how much is it worth.
Agil's guess: around Col.
Cannot be obtained from a quest/enemy drop. Only can be crafted. The crafter must be a Master Blacksmith .
The crafter must have been married with someone.
The crafter must "put his/her heart into the sword". He/she must feel the True Ultimate Love during the crafting. (just like in SAO - Episode Seven during the Dark Repulser crafting but this time a way more stronger love needs).
WARNING: If the Blacksmith is not feeling true love during the crafting, the unfinished sword will explode causing 50000 DMG, also likely kill everyone in the room. So be careful with your feelings...
The crafter needs a rare material, the Diamond Ingot, which only could be obtained from the Legendary Dragon of Frostbite Hills or also can be found in the Dark Pyramid at Floor 59.
To use this sword, the user must have maxed (1000) the One-Handed Staright Sword skill. The user must have the married status to use this sword.

100% Chance to Ignite Target
User gets 100% Resistence to any Fire Damage
Causes 5000 DMG to target
Due its "Diamond Heart" the sword is mostly unbreakable, so the user dont need to worry about its endurance.
Gives the user the "Blessing of the Heart" status, which increases the users HP +15000, and +50% Chance to Block.

Some players thinks this sword is just a tale, and its not even exist, cause nobody saw anyone who would have this...

Skull Breaker
One-Handed Sword

Range: Long
Type: Thurst
Attack: 2000
Defense: 1050
Weight: 210
Requires: 90
- Equip: 90
- Agility N/A
- Attack: 80
- Armor: N/A
Stat Boost: 20% chance to reflect DMG back to the enemy (Enemy gets his own DMG not you)
Note: This is the Last Attack Bonus from The Skull Reaper


Trade Market:
Players should be able to register their items in a global Trade Network.
For example:
Seller: Esvald, Item: Demonic Sword of the Dead, Price: 600.000 Col
Also you can check the items details, if you select the item, there would be an option -Details- so if you dont know whats the item the seller wants to sell you can check it out.

Almost the same as the Trade Market.
For example:
Seller: Esvald, Item: Demonic Sword of the Dead, Starting Price: 300.000 Col
There should be a time limit and players would bid for the item, the result may be better or worse than the Trade Market.

Tent System:
A tent in SAO is not just a simple tent. Tents has levels, just like players. From 1 to 20 (that can change though).
Once you started using your tent it's no longer tradeble.
Tents can be acquired through many quests, including lower and higher level ones.
When you first enter your tent, it will be empty. You have to buy furniture just like for a house.
Higher level tents can have production furnitures (like ovens, anvils etc..)
The higher the level, the more space will be avaible for furniture.
The higher the level, more players will be able to join you in your camp. If player cap has bean reached and another one wants to enter a message will appear: "I don't think I can fit there".
The higher the level the harder to detect to tent for monsters and players (player-wise hiding is not available from the beginning, but monster-wise is available)
You can customise the temperature in the highest level tents.
Tents cannot be set up in dungeons. There are however Dungeon-Set Up Coins that drops from several high level monsters, but they are really rare. And tradeble.

Note: This things are created by Esvald Forceswoop for the LN Sword Art Online - Aincrad Extended.

All SAO art made by me:

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Esvalds New Stuff :: Comments


Post on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:07 am by Esvald Forceswoop

Hey guys if you have some time, check my SAO drawings Very Happy

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Post on Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:43 am by Esvald Forceswoop

Oh right. I already added them to the CODEX Very Happy

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Post on Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:30 am by Joeybbb

Haha just update the OP next time instead of making a whole new post. And dont forget to add it to the codex because thats what we use to reference when creating assets Wink

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Post on Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:12 am by Esvald Forceswoop

Added new Field Bosses.

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Post on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:57 am by Joeybbb

Haha I never delete assets, even if I think they are bad. Archiving files is always a good idea in the game developing industry.

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:57 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

Cool Very Happy Dont delete them, they might be useful inthe future Very Happy
But lets concentrate to SAO right now Wink  
I am almost finished another boss - the Floor 100 FieldBoss, Shinozaki Rika (where I got that name I cant remember, but defineatly something from SAO), Central Cardinal Coordinator Very Happy Only the last attack bonus missing.

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:29 pm by Joeybbb

I'm assuming that's a tank of sorts? XD lol maybe we could make a GGO game in the future after SAO though, you would not believe the amount of gun assets I have on my PC from old projects xD

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:12 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

Riding an Assault Fighter mkVI would be ridicolous in Aincrad lol

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:52 pm by Joeybbb

I think adding firearms is a bad idea mixing with swords and shields haha

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:35 pm by Owex

That's not a big deal, I guess we could include a bit of ALO and GGO in SAO. Smile

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Post on Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:44 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

Sorry for the lack ofupdates, most of the stuff that cames to my mind like Legendary Sword of Elder Love, Silver Crown, Quest:The Cursed Labyrinth, ZR-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, DragonScourge, The Trickstarter, Quest: Executing the Executors, Quest: Tower Defense, spells... are mostly ALO and GGO stuff Sad  

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:56 pm by Joeybbb

Cool, sounds good  Smile 

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:30 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

I added one new enemy to the CODEX to Floor 69 Very Happy
I know thats notmuch, but I trying to create unique enemies not like blue troll, green troll, black troll, elite black troll, restless blue troll...
Concept arts willbeuploaded to the dropbox - Ibelive I already uploaded theBone Dragon Guardian and the MechanisedTerror concepts.

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:58 pm by Joeybbb

Of course ;D
Don't forget about our files on the drive, as well as the reference images folder on the dropbox Wink

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:54 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

Alright, but still I will continue creating more and more stuff.

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:43 pm by Joeybbb

Also just so you know Esvald we are not making any announcement of this project until we have something more to show than argus and the other team so don't expect a lot of posters until then Smile

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Post on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:32 am by Owex

Sure Wink

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Post on Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:26 pm by Esvald Forceswoop

I think that should be considered as Work in Progress... am I wrong?

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