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Official Team Members List

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Official Team Members List

Post by Joeybbb on Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:43 pm

Instead of sprinkling this section with incremented 'New Team Members' posts, we are going to have one thread that we will update every time there is a change to the team. As you've probably already noticed, there is a side bar to the left with a list of the team and links to their respective WIP threads, so this thread can complement that list. Currently, as we are a small team, there is no 'section lead, section worker' organization. We all have different skill sets listed instead. Once the team is larger, perhabs we will reorganize into a more structured system.

Awakened Studio Development Team (As of 03/05/14):
Joeybbb - Programmer and 3D Artist
Owex - 3D Artist and Musician
Djh331 - 3D Artist
Ishkyousuke - 3D Artist
Esvald - Concept Artist and Writer
Ritvik - Concept Artist and Writer
Micah - Concept Artist
Rapunzel - Concept Artist and Animator
Mutt - Level Designer and Programmer
Blade32232 - 3D Artist (No Link)
XYZTM - Musician (No Link)
MrAdrianki - 3D Artist (No Link)

NOTE: These are generalized, feel free to click links to visit respective threads. I may not have added all the skill sets, just the main ones of each developer. Get to know the team! You won't regret it!

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