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Part Time Writer/Editor

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Part Time Writer/Editor

Post by AZRAEL on Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:10 pm

Name: Max
Age: 25
Courses: English I and English II completed [University Level]
Reason: Help out where I can because I see potential in your game.
Skills: Grammar, Writing, Maschine/FL studio Music creation, 20 years of gaming experience.
Employment: I am currently employed full time, but I work nights. Two days on two days off.

Simple intro quest

Time needed: 12 mins

Flow chart + “Strings” for Simple Quest
1. NPC approach

2. NPC: String 1 “Please, you have to help us”

3. SAO Interface Activated:
• 1. “What is the problem?”
• 2. “Get lost”
• 3. Leave without saying anything

4. If 1
String 1- Distressed tone to his voice, “Thank you [player], you don’t know how much this means to us! The boars… They attacked… It’s my family... My village . We were driven from our homes by the Boar King Sanglier, it commands the other field boars, forms raids to attack us.”

String 2- Fear overcomes him, his voice is shaking, “Sanglier; it’s not your average field Boar; furious red eyes and tusks that could pierce the most tempered metal. On two legs it stands around 10 feet tall and wields a massive Wood Axe. Bones of its victims are fashioned into decorations that hang like ornaments off its neck and wrists.”

String 3- A serious tone comes over his voice, eyes determined, “He resides in the hills to the north of the village; its den is there. That’s all we know, no villager or group sent to defeat the beast has returned, I hope some are still alive."

String 4- Please be safe [Player].”

Quest Accepted "Slay Sanglier and return the remaining villagers"

5. If 2
NPC: String 1- The man’s eyes water and a harsh tone comes over his voice, “You’re a coward, like the rest of them; you can’t even take the time help a village in dire need.

6. If 3
Chat closed

Max R


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Re: Part Time Writer/Editor

Post by Joeybbb on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:41 am

Hi Max,

Thank you for your interest in joining Awakened Studio.
We are currently not taking on any additional writers at the moment. We are sorry to inform you that for this reason we are denying your application.

Thank you for your time,
Joey [Awakened Studio Co-Founder]

Awakened Studio Co-Founder

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