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[Primary] Writer Application! [Secondary] Editor!

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[Primary] Writer Application! [Secondary] Editor!

Post by Jonesy on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:32 pm

Hey there!
My name is Jonte ^^

I'm a 17 year old looking to give good and creative ideas for the future of this project.
I've spent my life playing LOTS of games, Mainly the MMO Genre.
I've seen what can make a game, as well as break one.
In my own opinion, i feel like i know (and can get to know) what people would want in a SAO themed mmo.

Before i start, i don't want to say my creativity is better than anyone else's.
I am a "Outside the box" thinker. I usually come up with crazy ideas that can actually work.
Having the idea of writing quests, to me, is like a dream.
Instead of talking about it, ill give an example!
Since I'm pretty sure you guys have played mmo's, you've seen the Pattern of the good ol' gathering quests. The same old "GO HERE AND PICK THIS UP" Rinse & Repeat.
Instead of that, lets say, you need to go get some healing flowers from a certain place.
Instead of just going over there and picking it up all boring like, How about maybe you put a mob thats "tanky", or one that does alot of damage. Knowing you can't beat him alone. You ask around, asking for player's help. And when you Defeat the mob, it doesn't just feel like a achievement, it also creates friendships and helps the social factor of the game. Don't get me wrong, all the quests wont be like that. its just those will ease the "Repetitive" game factors. (P.S This can also ease the need to find people for Floors)

By editor i mean Video Editing.
From Advertising to Trailers.
I choose to do this because EVERY game needs this, and its just fun to do.
for an example for trailers, heres something i've done last month.

Its to advertise a game i used to play.  Very Happy  Very Happy
I'd just like to let you know who ever is reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so.
I've been wanting to experience an actually team of developers for a while, and this will just honestly be a dream come true.
but on the other hand i understand if some of the requirements weren't met on my side. and ill do my best to fix what i don't have. Cool

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Re: [Primary] Writer Application! [Secondary] Editor!

Post by Owex on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:54 pm

Hi Jonte

Thank you for your interest in joining Awakened Studio.
I believe the idea your proposing is a typical MMO quest.. when you have a quest with a mob that's stronger than you, you simply ask for help from other players, that is pretty common.
We are currently not taking on any additional writers at the moment and we are not looking for Video editor. We are sorry to inform you that for this reason we are denying your application.

Thank you for your time,
Owex [Awakened Studio Co-Founder]

"Never trust time, it will let you down at the last minute." -me
Skills: Music, 3D modelling, Drawing and other stuff.

If you need help for anything, contact me by PM.

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