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Writer and Musician Application [Part Time]

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Writer and Musician Application [Part Time]

Post by DashBashGaming on Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:17 am

Hey there Awakened Studios! My name is Patrick (My Internet alias is known as Dash) and I'm here to apply for a part-time writer or musician. (Part-Time because I'm nearly 12 and I have school on my hands)

I have been loving your work ever since Sword Art Online was announced! I have some ideas for Floor 25, the boss and quest to beat it.

The boss could be a huge mutant green dragonfly that can sting you, giving you a big amount of damage and a chance for a poison effect. The boss has 4 HP bars (in the anime, bosses had multiple bars of HP) and has ultra sharp arms and legs for weapons. The boss room has walls that look like the roots of a tree.

The quest giver to the boss is a girl with black hair and purple highlights. She is around the age of 18 and her player name is Nightshade. She's a shy girl and has a black scythe for her weapon.

As for musician, I have some experience with programs like FL Studio 12 and PreSonus Studio One 3. I also play the drums.

I hope my age won't matter. Will it? I'm not necessarily too sure about it. I'm Australian and speak fluent English. I love Music, Games and technology in general. I hope you'll consider me as a writer and a musician and I'll hope to see you guys reply soon!



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Re: Writer and Musician Application [Part Time]

Post by Owex on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:50 pm

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your interest in joining Awakened Studio.
We are currently not taking on any additional writers at the moment. We are sorry to inform you that for this reason we are denying your application.

Thank you for your time,
Owex [Awakened Studio Co-Founder]

"Never trust time, it will let you down at the last minute." -me
Skills: Music, 3D modelling, Drawing and other stuff.

If you need help for anything, contact me by PM.

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