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  • 20150803
    New Update Video!

    -Flying Island: Specific area outside our flying castle for PvP
    -Completely remade Character model
    -Created starter clothing
    -Death particle effect
    -Made walk and jump animation and got it work in-game.
    -Made 3rd and 1st person possible.
    -Created Gui in 3D space.

    by Owex - Comments: 12 - Views: 2598
  • 20131220
    All things for the game created by me!  Very Happy

    Here's the legendary 100th boss, the leader of the Knights of the Blood, Heathcliff!
    He's a boss and also an NPC.
    The model is quite done, but the texture aren't final.

    Model: Owex
    Textures: joeybbb

    by Owex - Comments: 81 - Views: 6598
  • 20131212
    Since the original SAO did not showed us all of the monsters, items, skills and stuff I decided to extend the world of Aincrad (the main reason is my SAO novel, but maybe you can use them too). More will come soon Smile



    Floor 1, Field Boss
    Ruin Kobold General

    4 life bars.
    Weapon: Two-handed Kobold-crafted Longsword

    by Esvald Forceswoop - Comments: 68 - Views: 3408
  • 20131212
    I will post  WIPs as well as finished products here. If you are really interested, you can check out my old youtube here:
    My new youtube is here:
    The official Awakened Studio Youtube is here (Major Updates):

    by Joeybbb - Comments: 72 - Views: 5307
  • 20140318
    Hey friends, my name is -mutt and i'm a level designer.
    in this topic i will show you some overviews, objects & other things.

    For now i'll be working on the networking part since we switched to UE.


    03.18.2014 - Cliffs:

    by -mutt - Comments: 5 - Views: 1568
  • 20140323
    Yo , Im Ishimaru but you can call me ish, so yeah ill be making 3D models that you will encounter during your gameplay. enjoy Very Happy


    = Ish's Models =

    Update .1 Ish's Models

    Note: All of them are not textured yet, im currently learning to texture them so that they will look better than it looked now.



    by ishkyousuke - Comments: 38 - Views: 2193
  • 20140906
    Hi, I thought of some otherworldy landscapes (sort of) and concepts for some floors that we haven't seen. Here's one that I made, Grasslands with some floating islands or rocks and stuff. Others are still WIPs and are still sketch thumbnails.

    by CalaQuessir - Comments: 9 - Views: 788
  • 20140219
    Hi guys My name is Dan and I will be creating some of the swords that you will be encountering during your SAO experience, I will also be writing some of the quests that go along with the acquisition of said swords. I hope later on that I will be making some of the other weaponry that you might use in SAO but so far I mainly do swords.


    by Djh331 - Comments: 5 - Views: 1614
  • 20150322
    Adam Carsons Items


    by adamboom321 - Comments: 2 - Views: 400
  • 20150518
    I have composed a suitable main theme for the game. It is not currently ready yet for a synthesizer preview, but it is close.... Just a new development I'm working on.


    Update to Main Post (21 Measure Preview):

    by KiritoOmega97 - Comments: 7 - Views: 517
  • 20150201
    Nerve Gear First Model Exclamation  Razz  Embarassed

    Sword Diplay/Stands

    by PCMonster - Comments: 5 - Views: 617
  • 20150527

    by KiritoOmega97 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1245
  • 20140721


    by Nisshomaru - Comments: 6 - Views: 1162
  • 20140518
    Hi guys,
    Here, I will post all the textures I make...
    I work with a 512 pixels by meter ratio, targa format, Diffuse/Normal/specular, and sometimes gloss (for metal,...). Let me know if that's Fine, I don't know much about unity, and how it generated textures, I don't think it should be that different from UDK or the CryEngine.
    For now I render my textures with marmoset, simple and fast.
    I will try my best to post every time I finish one.
    Comments and questions are more than welcome.  Smile 

    by acrocs - Comments: 12 - Views: 966
  • 20140504
    Here you can see all the images of my 3d creations: (Hope you llike it Smile)

    Completed 3D Models (Open the images in another tab to view full size)

    by MrAdrianki - Comments: 17 - Views: 1366
  • 20150216
    Hello everyone,

    In this corner of this fair land, will house the newest writings from the shadows upon which they come from. It's hoped such is enjoyed, and I hope to be able to do a lot for you all.


    -Accepted on to the team
    -Starting to work on storylines for all 100 floors

    by jcfraven - Comments: 0 - Views: 191
  • 20140609
    Hey there Very Happy

    Here you find all stuff I'm working on right now, and my finished works

    WiP Models:
    A Currently untextured version of the gates in the first boss room kirito and the party encounter in episode 2! 1082 Tris.

    by TheHolyDevil - Comments: 6 - Views: 864
  • 20140722

    I'm mainly a quest writer, but I might dabble in some other stuff later on.


    Created Quest templates from floor 1 to 100 in groups of 10.


    Wrote 4 normal quests and 2 large quests in 3 parts

    by Tigerater - Comments: 3 - Views: 353
  • 20140717
    Kirito's Elucidator (3D Studio MAX)

    Sword Art Online Work (Unity)

    by CONGOBILL - Comments: 0 - Views: 581
  • 20140309

    by Ritvik - Comments: 1 - Views: 757
  • 20140107

    All the concept art by me e.g characters, weapons, armor, bosses, monsters, architecture and costumes for the designing of the world of Aincrad Very Happy
    other art by me can be found on these websites:
    My deviantart account-
    My drawcrowd account-

    by Micah - Comments: 22 - Views: 1093
  • 20140111

    by Rapunzel - Comments: 8 - Views: 1577

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